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9.24. Squares appear for some characters when converting to PDF


When the user converts certain documents to PDF, the resulting PDF has squares instead of letters - like this:


Some fonts require that additional information be embedded in the PDF file.  By default, Attach Plus does not embed this information (doing so increases the size of the resulting PDF).  But there are settings that you can use to tell Attach Plus to embed this extra font information.  Please see the 'Exception' section below where this may not apply.


  1. Open Attach Plus Settings
  2. Go to the PDF Options tab
  3. Ensure that the the following checkboxes are selected:
  4. Click OK
  5. Test


If you are trying to print a PDF to one of the Attach Plus PDF print drivers, it should be clearly noted that this methodology is something that Attach Plus was never designed for.  The integrated PDF printer drivers within Attach Plus were developed to allow a conversion "on the fly" between other applications (like Word, Excel, etc.) and attaching the PDF to an email.  It's been our experience that it still works a great deal of the time, but because there can always be issues with embedded fonts that are out of our control, we can't guarantee that you can print a PDF to the integrated PDF print driver in all cases.  If you are trying to print a PDF to a PDF printer, we would recommend something more robust and industry standard, like the 'Microsoft Print to PDF', or possibly one of the Adobe printers.

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