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2.2. 'Send To' and 'Send As' Integration

Send To and Save As integration gives the user the option to take the file they are currently working on and attach it to an e-mail. For example, when working with Microsoft Office files, select File > Send to > Mail Recipient to begin an Attach Plus session. Also, you can use the "send to" functionality from Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and your desktop.

Enabling File > Send To Integration

  1. Right-click on the Attach Plus icon in the system tray
  2. Click Settings...
  3. Under the General tab, ensure that the "Enable File-Send To integration" option is checked
  4. Click OK

In fact, for GoldMine and ACT e-mail users, Attach Plus makes these options available for the first time (this is known as MAPI integration).

Using Send To Integration

Microsoft Office

Attach Plus integrates with the File > Send to feature within Microsoft Office applications:

In Office 2003: File > Send To > Mail Recipient
In Office 2007: Office button > Send > E-mail
In Office 2010 and 2013: File > Save & Send > Send Using E-mail > Send as Attachment
In Office 2016: File > Share > Email > Send as Attachment

Internet Explorer

Use File > Send > Link By E-Mail to send a link to the current page
Use File > Send > Page By E-Mail to send the entire contents of the current page
Use File > Print and choose the Attach Plus print driver to send the entire contents of the current pages a PDF

Note: Due to a limitation of Internet Explorer, it is not currently possible to use the "Convert to PDF" option when using "Send To" and Internet Explorer - use the Attach Plus printer instead.

Windows Explorer

Right-click on the file(s) that will be attached > Send To > Mail Recipient

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