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3.6. Convert a Document to PDF

Converting to PDF

If the file is not already in PDF format, you can use Attach Plus to convert it to a PDF "on-the-fly".  Attach Plus comes with a built-in PDF print driver for this purpose.

You can use Attach Plus to convert a file to PDF in two ways:

  1. Use the Attach Plus print driver
    • Select File > Print from your application's main menu
    • Select either "Attach Plus - Save and E-mail PDF" or "Attach Plus - E-mail PDF" from the list of printers, and click Print
    • This will convert the file to PDF, then bring up the Attach Plus dialog to attach (the "Save and E-mail PDF" print driver will also prompt you to save the PDF copy)
  2. Using the main Attach Plus "attach" dialog
    • Select the PDF file format from the Attach Plus dialog
    • This will convert it to PDF as part of the attachment process

 Note: If your file is already in PDF format, you will not see the "PDF" option displayed.

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