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1.3. Installing / Re-installing Attach Plus

Upon purchasing Attach Plus, you will receive an email with your license number and link to the installer.  Alternatively, you can use the instructions below to install Attach Plus:

  1. Download Attach Plus from http://attachplus.com/tryit.jsp    Note:  Some users have reported issues downloading using Google Chrome.  If you run into this issue, please try Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. Follow the install wizard, accepting the defaults to install
  3. When prompted, type in your license number
    (if you are re-installing Attach Plus, refer to http://support.attachplus.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=72 for tips on finding the license number)

Please be sure that the license number has capacity for the total number of PCs that Attach Plus is installed to.  The first number of the license number tells the allowed install number (e.g. for license "8-M-.....", the maximum number of PCs is 8).  If needed, you can purchase additional licenses here:  http://attachplus.com/buyit.jsp

If you have a Terminal Server installation, information about licensing is covered on our Purchase Page.

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