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1.6. How do I Enter my Attach Plus License Number?

These are the steps for entering a license number into Attach Plus:

  1. Locate the system tray 
  2. Click on the triangle

  3. This will show all of the programs in the system tray

  4. Locate the Attach Plus Icon and right-click on it to see the program menu

  5. Click on settings
  6. In the Settings dialog, locate the "Licensing" tab

  7. Select the "Licensing" tab
  8. Once on the "Licensing" section, you will notice your current license for Attach Plus and the option to "Change License"

  9. Click "Change License" button
  10. This will give you four licensing options

  11. After deciding on one of these options, click the "Next" button
  12. Enter your new Attach Plus license in the box provided or select one from the list

  13. Once the new license has been entered (or selected) click the "Finish" button
  14. This will return you to the main licensing page and you should see a message under your license indicating that it is valid.

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