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9.1. Attach Plus Most Common Issues

The following is a list of the most common issues/questions that we receive about Attach Plus:

Running a 64-bit version of Office

Attach Plus is only compatible with 32-bit Office.

Described here:  64-bit Office 

Attach Plus was unable to properly integrate with your mail application

This error is caused by running a 64-bit version Outlook, as described above.

Resolution:  Uninstall 64-bit Office and re-install 32-bit Office

Office 2016 specific items

For Office 2016, Microsoft has changed a few things, including the way they interact with MAPI configurations.  Consequently:

> Make sure you have the desktop version installed:

Attach Plus does NOT support the "Trusted Microsoft Store app" version:

> Attach Plus does not support documents on the 'Recent Items' list of Outlook 2016.  You must use the 'Browse this PC...' menu to use Attach Plus:

> Attach Plus requires Office 365 "click to run" delivery systems to be installed as "off line ready" versions of the Office 2013/2016 to the desktop. 

> Office 2016 applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) do not appear to respect the MAPI configuration for Attach Plus.  As such, Attach Plus will not integrate when using the "Share" menu shortcut, as it does in previous versions of Office. 

UAC set improperly

This is by far the most common cause of issues with Attach Plus.  Please ensure your UAC settings are as we recommend BEFORE installing Attach Plus.  Note:  Changing this UAC setting often requires a reboot.

Described here:  User Account Control (UAC) Information

Improper installation

Attach Plus needs to elevate to properly install.  If the user running the installation does not have local administrative rights, Attach Plus will likely not install properly.  The result could be one of the many "Printer not activated" errors.

One resolution will be to run the installer as an administrator:

  1. Close Attach Plus
  2. Navigate to Attach Plus installer package
  3. Right-click on the installer package > Run as Administrator
  4. Allow Attach Plus to install and then launch
  5. Close Attach Plus (This step is important!!)
  6. Re-launch Attach Plus normally (do NOT run as administrator this time)

Problems with passwords or any type of JVM errors

These are almost always caused by an issue with the local installation of Java.

Resolution:  Uninstall ALL instances of Java (via the Control Panel), and then re-install the Java component.  To uninstall, look for "Java Runtime (Liberica, Trumpet private)".  Uninstall both, then download and run the Java installer here:   http://resources.trumpetinc.com/getresource/TrumpetJavaSetup

Microsoft Edge integration

Due to the design of the Microsoft Edge browser, printing to the 'Attach Plus — E-mail PDF' and 'Attach Plus — Save & E-mail PDF' printers are not supported.

Other more generic Office-related issues

Lastly, running a repair on Office can resolve some of the more enigmatic issues.

When all fails...

The above list addresses probably 90% of the support requests we receive for Attach Plus.  But if the above items don't help, please have a look through the other pages here to see if your issue has been specifically addressed.  And if you can't find it in our specific articles, feel free to send us an email at support@attachplus.com.

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